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Thread: Naji Marshall

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    Got to give it to him, he's starting to emerge as the "go to" guy we sorely need. He was money under pressure last night and that is a tremendous affirmation of what I'm sure he already sees in himself. Often it's easy to forget he's just a soph. His offense has taken a remarkable jump as of late, especially the fact that he has gotten out of the deep freeze from distance....10 of his last 22. He seems to be over the top confident which can be a detriment at times, so he has to learn to harness that confidence.....nothing more experience won't cure. I have a feeling there is not going to be near enough games left on the schedule for Mr. Marshall.
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    I still think, despite the egg we laid against FSU, we win if Naji doesn't get hurt.
    ^ 100% this.

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    Sort of get the feeling everything is going to click together for him very soon. He has the potential to be a monster next year.

    His decision making and floor vision seems to be interesting at times... but there is so so much upside here. He starts taking and making these 3s at this clip and watch out.
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