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Your final Xavier game was the loss to Wisconsin in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. Your hand was in the face of Bronson Koenig when he made the buzzer-beating game-winning 3-pointer. How did that last shot transpire from your perspective?

RA: Oh man, that was a tough one. I don’t know. I feel like we played it perfect. Maybe I could have forced him more toward the half-court line but he was catching the ball on the run with not much time left. I just didn’t want to foul him, basically. I wanted to be there (on the catch) and make it as tough a shot as possible but I just didn’t want to foul him so he would have the chance to shoot free throws.

I mean, looking back we could have done some things differently but it was a good shot, a tough shot, and those things happen in basketball. I was right there, as close as I could be, with my hands up without fouling. It’s kind of like when he caught it, my feet got stuck in the ground. I couldn’t really jump. I just had my hands up. It happened so fast. He had to rise above me to shoot the ball and then he faded in the deep corner.

The locker room afterwards was one of the saddest I’ve ever been in, especially for me and James (Farr), the two seniors, and (walk-on) Kevin Coker. I just felt for the seniors that we had to end like that. Coach (Chris) Mack and the other coaches did a great job of preparing us. Everybody gave it their all, even the freshmen and sophomores. We just came up on the short end of the stick.