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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaveriana View Post
    Biggest coaching change I see in the calc components is "scoring margin". Coaches will now be compelled, like college football, to run up the score, especially on lesser teams.

    It’s also worth noting here that while scoring margin is factored in, it’s impact will be capped at 10 points to prevent running up the score.
    ...he went up late, and I was already up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SixFig View Post
    I think I'm the lone defender of RPI. I don't really care about your margin of victory, efficiency or whatever. All I care about is who did you beat and did you beat them home, away or neutral. RPI don't lie.
    The RPI is what it is. The main thing was the RPI specifically did not consider scoring margin to lessen any incentive for a team to manipulate points. So we'll see if point shaving stories come back. The one metric I object to is ESPN's BPI ... it adds nothing except to have ESPN talking points on it. The Massey Composite page (here) try to show them all.

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    If I tell you wow at the Dianabol simple as that i dont care about wining i enjoy the game
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