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    Quote Originally Posted by whopper View Post
    I am proud of my daughters of course..Occ Ther and Nursing.. Proud of this team that you could be proud of(man I wish I had a final 4 but know how hard it is) and proud of the school's growth. At 63 I feel rejuvenated. I carry the ball for X in Conn very proudly and can't wait till fall to wear my X "Big East Champ" 2 tone pullover that I bought on Easter(too hot to wear) in ADDITION to by dark blue Xavier Basketball hoodie. I proudly dress like a teenager
    Remember when I lived in Virginia and had X garb on at soccer, football, and volleyball games, people would ask me, “know they are great at basketball but where in the hell is it?”

    Ironically, two girls off her soccer team are now her classmates at X! Advertising works!

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    I've heard that college enrollments are dropping as most of the boomers have had kids already go through college so how X is increasing admissions is awesome. Hope that they can keep it up.

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    It amazing as tuition and a private Catholic school costs are astronomical. I graduated 20 years ago and see the improvements on campus but I would rather my son and daughter save debt and go to a solid state university. Outrageous expenses. But if you have a full ride, take advantage of it!
    And if you are a trust fund baby, congrats. Just refuse to take out loans.

    $52,380 per year.
    And don't major in Philosophy, Social Sciences, Theology, etc.

    Good facts and % of students who get aid/loans at XU:
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    Tuitions have gotten out of control. When I got my MBA in the early 80s, I think it was $125 per credit hour. No clue what it is now. It the late 70s, I think my parents paid about $2,500 per year for tuition.

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    I started at XU in 1961. Tuition was $20 per semester hour. I took 18 hours in first semester and 17 in second semester. I worked in a warehouse during the summer and made $2.08/hour. I just squeaked by with a big boost from my parents.

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    I started XAVIER in 1957 on the GI BILL, joined the Vets Club those were the days. We had to check in with an older women named Mary, once a month to get a check for $100.00. Got married Sept. of my third year, killed my social life, but I did make it through graduation.

    Wouldn't miss a home BB game, and go to some away games. GO XAVIER.

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    Very few pay the sticker price at private universities. I just finished putting 2 through Xavier at maybe 15% more than my State U (Connecticut) would have cost. The financial aid office was accommodative and I am trying to give back with the All in One fund. I do believe that I could not have done Providence or Villanova and I am just a career lower mid management IT schlub who at 63 will probably not work again. My 2001 and 2003 cars and my second job as adjunct (which starts today) helped greatly. I am a satisfied customer who had the bonus of watching some GREAT Big East Hoops. With degrees in Occupation Therapy and Nursing and decent boyfriends who look like they have a bright future Cincinnati is becoming a big part of my life.
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    The costs are ridiculous. I would love to know what portion of the overall operating expenses are associated with building maintenance, landscaping and all of the other things that schools are trying to do to attract (market) students to their schools. I can guarantee you that those costs have gone up (as a percentage) significantly more than any other costs.

    A very small percentage of those costs are actually associated with EDUCATING our kids.

    And why are schools not utilizing technology more? Is it really necessary to have kids on campus everyday? Why not more virtual classes?

    The smaller your physical footprint, the less costly it is to maintain all of that property.

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