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    New Rules Adopted by NCAA

    • Elite prospects, as identified by USA Basketball, will be allowed to sign with an agent as of July 1st of their senior season in high school. College players can hire an agent after any season if they request an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee, but the agreement “must be terminated when the student enrolls in or returns to college.”
    • Anyone that declares for the NBA draft and does not hear their name called on draft night will be allowed to return to their former school without penalty.
    • Effective immediately, the NCAA and its Committee on Infractions can use information that is turned up by an outside entity for their own investigations. In other words, if there is a criminal investigation — i.e. the one the Justice Department is currently pursuing — then any documents that are turned up or anything that is said under oath during the course of the trial or the investigation is fair game for the NCAA.
    • The NCAA is also requiring all athletics staff, as well as school presidents and chancellors, to be contractually obligated to comply with any investigation into their program or their athletic department. The NCAA does not have subpoena power, and this is their effort to try and mitigate that issue.
    • The changes to the recruiting calendar will be put into effect.
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  2. #2 beat me to it by a few seconds. I was starting a thread on this exact subject.....LOL

    I believe that your highlighted rule change is a very good change and way overdue. This is a positive thing that will kids a greater opportunity to finish their education. No more will kids be forced out of school if they decide they want to take a chance on getting drafted but aren’t.

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    This would effect grad transfers though right?? I feel like a lot of them will be waiting a bit longer now to commit to a new team, giving them less time to gel with the guys on the roster currently. I still like the rule change however, it could have been useful for Kaiser this year (granted, if he wanted to come back) and seems to be beneficial in the long run. Interesting about the agent rule though, and how elite prospects can sign with one. I feel like that's just going to muddy up these money schemes teams have been caught in even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIMMFD View Post
    Interesting about the agent rule though, and how elite prospects can sign with one. I feel like that's just going to muddy up these money schemes teams have been caught in even more.
    Exactly what I thought!!! I’m taking a wait and see position but this could get real slimy...

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    I get why this will be popular. But if coaches have to wait until the draft happens, that's a long time not knowing if they still have an open roster spot or not. That could mess up who they offer or what they can promise to a recruit.

    A lot of times a class will already be lined up by that point in the year, but frequently there are still holes to fill.

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    Coach Cal made the point some time ago that allowing elite HS seniors to hire agents ment that coaches will now need to not only recruit the kids, but will also have to recruit their agents....what a mess. NCAA got that one wrong.

    I am happy that outside money will need to be reported....but how are they going to enforce that? Seems to me that under the table payments are going to be really hard to track.

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