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    Post Xavier Season Preview from John Fanta of the Big East Network

    John Fanta takes a look at 5 keys to the 2018-19 season for the Musketeers. Thanks for reading. Lets Go X....

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    I think this is a pretty fair - and encouraging analysis. There seemed to be a great deal to be optimistic about in this piece. How the three grads production translates to the BE play is one huge question mark that was not addressed - which I would have liked to see on the Big East Network.

    I do like the emphasis on defense that Steele is instilling (insteeling?). That was the most frustrating and disappointing aspect to last year's team and (IMO) kept them from advancing further (although it might be argued that offense got them there, it is what let them down in the end). This team seems like it will be one that will be able to turn defense into offense regularly. (Whereas last year's team turned defense into offense, just for the wrong team :)
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