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    Pennsylvania Coach Took Bribe to Get a Guys Son into the School

    This is a new one. Kid did not even play for the team.

    Federal authorities say a Florida businessman already charged with orchestrating a massive Medicare fraud scheme bribed a former university basketball coach to help get his son admitted to an Ivy League university.

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    I saw this the other day actually, I'm not terribly surprised. I see no difference in it as any other business man/rich person bribing off a school to accept his son/daughter into a said University. The difference is that this kid gets a spot on a D1 roster. I think it would be worse if it were at another school since the Ivy Leagues don't give athletic scholarships, so it's not like this kid took free tuition from someone else that could have needed it, maybe a roster spot. Then again, I'm not well versed on how great of a financial aid package Ivy's offer these "recruits". I'm not saying it's a good thing by any means, but more so that I'm not shocked.

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    I thought I heard that Ivy League schools make it work out in terms of scholarships for basketball players. Basically, these schools officially might not offer athletic scholarships, but for all intents and purposes, they do. They just draw from the academic and need-based scholarships of the school.

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    why there are some people can't play fair? OMG!!!

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