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    Steele story in Xavier Nation

    Great story in Xavier Nation Mag about the hiring of Travis Steele. In the story Steele mentions being in San Antonio before the interview and having dinner with Rob Senderhoff and then Kelvin Sampson. Those are 2 guys considered to be the worst of the worst here in Indiana. Considered the sleaziest people ever associated with IU basketball, and responsible for the downfall of the IU program. Not that I care, as I can't stand IU, or their obnoxious fans. Just sort of surprised he would pick those 2 guys to have dinner with. Even though he was with Sampson's staff at IU. Very impressed with the story and he seems to be the last piece of the XU rise to the top of the mountain.

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    Every major D1 coach does the slimy things you associate the IU guys with. Even ours. It's the nature of the beast.

    But it was indeed a good article.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JTG View Post
    Even though he was with Sampson's staff at IU.
    There ya go. That is the entire answer.
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    Just read the article finally and glad I did. Feel really good about Steele. Now go out and get some stud recruits!

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    I set it aside and never got to it. Thanks for bringing it back up. I need to go looking for it.

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