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You’re right ... our school isn’t known for helping its players cheat on test to get them eligible like one of the universities above got nailed for doing and our school actually gives out scholarships for kids to get a education- not for a one year NBA audition like another school listed above.

It’s a slippery slope some of these schools have started down and I am proud our school has not gone down either of those roads.
The NBA audition factory has been more of a recent trend, as all the schools above had 4 year guys in the past, and I'm also not convinced that if a one and done wanted to come to Xavier we would say no. In terms of established prestige, we aren't any of the blue bloods, it doesn't mean I don't think our alma mater is great in every regard. I agree I do love that we do things the right way, and that we never seem to get implicated in any of these scandals. However, if we're being honest with ourselves, when kids grow up they have ambitions for playing for UK, Duke, etc. Does that mean we can't change it in the future? No, however, we need to establish ourselves at a higher level. A final four, a national championship, etc. There's nothing wrong with our program, we're trending upwards, and putting ourselves in a better position each season to make that next jump.