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Thread: Geno Crandall

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    Math is not the strong suit of Minnesotans.

    (You betcha...)
    ...he went up late, and I was already up there.

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    He’s a fine player but I prefer guys that jump off 1 foot, and he’s a both-feet jumper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesehead View Post

    13 NCAA appearances
    1 Final 4 (1997)
    2 Elite 8
    5 Sweet 16


    27 NCAA appearances (15 of the last 17 years)
    0 Final 4
    3 Elite 8
    7 Sweet 16
    Minnesota has no Final Fours:
    7. Minnesota (1996-97)

    Record: 31-4

    Coach: Clem Haskins

    Star players: Bobby Jackson, Sam Jacobson, Eric Harris

    Why NCAA got involved: An academic fraud scandal involving Haskins, an academic adviser and a secretary involving "400 pieces of course work for at least 18 student-athletes" from 1994-98.

    What didn't happen: Jackson's high socks, Jacobson's shooting or Harris' high-flying dunks for a team that finished 16-2 in Big Ten play before a run through the NCAA tournament that ended with a thrilling 78-69 loss to eventual national champion Kentucky coached by Pitino? Of course not.
    Just to bring it full circle, Gonzaga's run started when it "upset" Minnesota in 1999 after several Minnesota players were ruled ineligible for the game due to this scandal:

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    Not to mention then-Gonzaga coach Dan Monson took the Minny job in 2000. He wasn't nearly as successful for the Gophers.

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