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I'll take the loud, cheering fan who's passionate about the team and game over the fan who sits on their hands and doesn't cheer at all. Whats great is that if you dont like where you are, you can move and find another spot. Sometimes that works out well for everyone involved.
I agree in one sense but not in another.

I am a pretty passionate fan (as I would imagine most of us on here are) and I cheer loudly and often. However there are fans who make the games miserable for the entire area. Those that are constant bitchers/complainers/harassers/cursers. Give me a silent non cheering fan over that guy everytime no doubt about it. My family had tickets in 202 for 15 years and there was a guy who was one of these unbearable guys right behind us. My dad finally lost it one game and turned around and firmly told him to cool it, if you will. You could tell everyone was happy someone finally said something. The guy was much better for the rest of the year. My parents moved their seats after that year and I got some around that section but not sure I was close enough to him at that point.

That type of guy is miserable to be seated by.