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    Ant Wells workout for JP and Kaiser

    It will be interesting to follow the developments of all the players. It seems like a different world at the combines which are basically a cattle show although Divencenzo may have insured he is not coming back with a very good performance. I always looked at JP like a poor man's Donte.. kind of like Ron Harper to Michael Jordan. 9 weeks ago now the FSU loss and man I would have so proud of the CBS intro to the final 4 from San Antonio with X there.

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    DiVincenzo hired an agent

    Edit: I thought I had read that and now can't find any references online.

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    Wow, was Kaiser doing these kinds of drills the first few years. Actually looked good in these drills.

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    Man... I wish we could have seen a little more of that stroke from JP in the FSU. I mean, he played hard, but if he had been letting it fly and stroking it like that during the tournament, X marches on to a Final Four - Even with piss poor coaching from Mack at the end of games.

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