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    The problem is not that a business wants to lend financial aid to an amateur team, it’s when it leads further. It’s when the aid is based not on the desire to give support for the sake of giving support, but when it is given with the expectation of getting something back, or when it leads to an unfair advantage for one university over another.

    “Supposedly” the NCAA is dedicated to providing a “level playing field” for all of its members. Now we all should realize that is a myth, but it’s still what they want the public (and especially Congress) to believe. Now if they don’t start running around crying that the sky is falling and that these things need to be investigated, then there will be a public outcry for Congress to get involved. And we don’t want that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirthought View Post
    Here's another take from the Louisville Courier columnist.

    And then there is this article from the Indy Star, which makes it sound like the shoe company had nothing to do with his decision to go anywhere.
    Zach Osterman of the Indy Star writes a article a day about IU bball, whether he has anything to say or not. Of course he's not gonna say anything bad about IU. Word is, Crean refused to deal with"shoe company recruits", and is one of the reasons he was replaced. Remember Archie is Sean's brother.
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