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    Know What's Hilarious???

    Our Man, Travis "Steal" used to torture Tom Crean by "stealing" lots of recruits out of Indiana- guys that Crean really could have the extent that Crean used the "born on third base" line out of frustration a few years ago.
    Now Travis "steals" an Assistant Coach from Georgia who is wired deeply into Atlanta and the state-Jonas Hayes-and he is already working on bringing guys to the table....and out of Crean's backyard. That has to make Crean furious again. When he was looking at Coaching Opportunities, Crean was probably thinking- "What's the LAST place where that damn Xavier guy will outrecruit me? Hey, I know!!!! Georgia!!

    Welp, think again Tommy Boy. Travis is going to "steal" your lunch money again.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha .................HA!!!!!
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    That actually is pretty crazy, Crean has to hate X.

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    Xavier-Georgia needs to become a thing during Rivalry Week again.

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