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    Agreed. I can't believe what I'm reading in this thread about a coach that just got us to the first number 1 seed in school history with players none of which will ever play in the NBA and no 5 star recruits. I'm optimistic about Steele but why do Xavier fans always have to pump up to the new coach by trashing the previous one who without fail has done a great job.
    It's a coping mechanism.

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    Hmm... maybe the decision-makers at X had a tip that Mack may have been involved with some questionable stuff and confronted him and then both parties agreed to make it appear to look like X wanted to keep him badly... just so Louisville would bite and take him off their hands... and then Mack would get his pay big check and X would be free and clear of working with a coach who may have been involved in borderline questionable recruiting arrangements.

    Or maybe I'm just really reaching because I would be intrigued about what could have been an interesting twist to this coaching move.


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    Quote Originally Posted by drudy23 View Post

    Are you writing a novel? Oh MY!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olsingledigit View Post
    Are you writing a novel? Oh MY!
    Thatís the Cliff Notes recap of his novel.

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