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    Yes they were, I remember watching that and being so sad/frustrated for them. Same girl missed TWO layups that would have sealed it.
    this is happy baby guides

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesehead View Post
    Interesting, did not know that. The optics of that looks horrible. Very sketchy.
    As a Mizzou fan, I see nothing wrong with this.....
    "If our season was based on A-10 awards, there’d be a lot of empty space up in the rafters of the Cintas Center." - Chris Mack

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    Quote Originally Posted by STL_XUfan View Post
    As a Mizzou fan, I see nothing wrong with this.....
    When Pete Gillen tried to hire Bob Hurley away from St. Anthony's, I'm sure Pete never even dreamed, never IMAGINED that maybe one or two of his sons might also want to come to Xavier and play for dad. Surely never crossed Pete's mind! :)

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