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    Quote Originally Posted by X-band '01 View Post
    CBS wouldn't air the 1/16 game unless there was a juicy 8/9 matchup to follow.

    As for Sunday night, I'm guessing the games in San Diego may also be the last ones to tip off.
    Gotchya thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Anyone know how to watch online? I work 7pm to 7am all weekend and all of the TVís at work are broken...
    Watch all games for free on the NCAA site, but only for so long (something like an hour) until they ask you to log into a cable provider account. I don't have cable, so a pro tip is to use the private or incognito window of your browser so it doesn't collect the same cookies each time you visit. Once the free time is used up, close the app (or maybe even just the window) and reopen again.

    Alternatively, I've started subscribing to the new YouTube TV, which actually has DVR functionality. It works pretty well -- I like it better than Sling and Playstation Vue. All of your recordings live on the Google servers for 1 month. I've recorded games and you can jump ahead of the commercials easily, rewind, etc. It's also set up like many YouTube videos, so if you're watching a recorded program, you can set the video speed slightly faster and get through the games quicker. Lots of times I just start watching a game about 45 minutes later and I can see everything without commercials, which is great. You could theoretically record every NCAA game with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muethibp View Post
    To put some specifics on this, here are the TV slots for Sunday.

    12:00 - CBS
    2:30 - CBS
    5:00 - CBS
    6:00 - TNT
    7:00 - TBS
    7:30 - TruTV
    8:30 - TNT
    9:30 - TBS

    With Nantz and UNC/UVA in Charlotte, they've essentially already declared that those two teams are playing the 12 and 2:30 games.

    So the earliest Xavier could play is 5 EDT. That's another CBS slot so they will pick the highest profile game left remaining. That might be Xavier or UC, I guess, but it seems more likely that it will be Michigan State or Purdue. Probably Michigan State. If you agree with that, then it would be Michigan St. at 5 on CBS and then Purdue on TruTV at 7:30.

    That leaves the TNT and TBS spots. 6/8:30 or 7/9:30. Logic really doesn't matter to these things but let's assume then that San Diego gets the later window than Nashville, that leaves 6:00 or 8:30. Probably 8:30 so as to put a one seed into primetime. So 6 for UC, 8:30 for Xavier.

    It's an educated guess but some aspects of it (that it won't be CBS in the afternoon) are just about dead locks and MSU as the other CBS game is pretty much that, and then the dominoes can only fall a couple ways.
    Picked the time and channel right 5 days ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muethibp View Post
    Picked the time and channel right 5 days ago.
    Nice job!
    I can watch the game after a party Sunday 5-8

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    Not sure if this has been posted yet...

    ESPN has it listed as Cinn at 5:10 and Xavier at 7:40......CENTRAL TIME

    On TNT
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