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Thread: BE Tiebreaker

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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyy View Post
    I'm wondering if Mack thinks the 1-3-1 got overexposed in 2016 and is holding it back so that its not as easily scouted as it has been in the past.
    The 1-3-1 would not be effective against Villanova because it concedes corner three's and is hard to rebound out of. You can not have unguarded three's against Villanova. They are almost unbeatable when they are making their three's which is most of the time. They had 6 different players make three's against Xavier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by American X View Post
    Xavier @ Georgetown is the definition of a letdown game. If would have been nice if Xavier's bye was this Wednesday rather than Saturday.
    Tonights game is Yuge!!
    RIP Brian Dargin McCormick

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