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    Quote Originally Posted by XU 87 View Post
    I'd like to see Paul at the 2 in that situation.
    Me too. Maybe they will start to teach him the 2 during the season. I don't know whether they really do that or if guys only learn multiple positions if they're ready to do so in the preseason.

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    I get it frustrating to see them blown out again but we arenít on Novaís level yet. This is a good team that isnít peaking now just like a year ago. We had seen them play great, I am confident it will return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XMuskieFTW View Post
    Still Paul. But I think we'll see Q playing 30-32 minutes a game at the 1 with Paul seeing about 8-10 at the 1 and 15-20 at the 2.
    My thoughts exactly, it sucks Scruggs has to learn the one, as his decision making isn't quite there yet to be a top level PG, but he does alright, it's not like he's completely terrible. People on this board make it seem like he's the second coming of Brandon Randolph and going to transfer out. Once again, Q was basically around this type of play at this stage in his Freshman year, it took Ed going down and him HAVING to play around 30 a game to get acclimated, and he was also a 4 star. Scruggs will be fine, it's growing pains, it's annoying, but he definitely does seem out of position a bit.

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