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    Prayers for Michael

    As many of you may know, we have a son who battled addiction for the better part of a decade. Michael lost his battle January 2, at his home in Nashville, TN. But he fought valiantly! He was 28 years old. We could not possibly be any more devastated, or more proud. This is every parent’s should NEVER bury your child.

    We are eternally grateful to a team of therapists he began working with a few years ago. Through his hard work and their talents, we were blessed with almost 3 years of an amazing happiness, both for him and for us. We got to witness what our son could become. I got to meet my troubled adolescent as an amazing, thoughtful, productive and mature adult - and that person amazed me. He was a better father than I ever dreamed of being. I guarantee you would have loved him. He was everything you could dream of in a son.

    Unfortunately, some serious life events left him with underlying anxiety and depression. After the most amazing Christmas ever by all accounts, he tragically succumbed just a few days later in an accidental OD. You may eventually take sobriety for granted, but that’s the trap.

    I posted most of this in another thread, but felt it warranted it’s own spot. I could go on and on about addiction. Instead I’ll ask this: don’t judge. You don’t know what got those people and those families to that point in life.
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    Terribly sorry about your loss. He is an Aries like me (April 17) and he was born the year I graduated from Xavier. I hope you find the strength to pull through this difficult time. There are no words to ease the pain of his loss but I hope he is at peace. You are absolutely correct; no parent should bury their child. God bless.

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    Prayers sent.
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    Very very very sorry for your loss. I deal with addicts on a daily basis and sometimes you forget there is a loving family behind the face. Stay strong.
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    I feel for you and your loss. Prayers sent!

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    So, so sorry for your loss, brother XU82. Addiction is one of the greatest eviils of our world, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May Michael rest in peace.

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    My prayers for you and the whole family. So sorry to hear of this.

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    Damn...just damn. Sorry for your loss and the pain that follows. My wife lost her brother to's awful. Sending good intentions your way.
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    Prayers sent.

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