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Yeah but I'm talking about more than just a single game. This team didn't advance just because of 1 loss. They played poorly through the vast majority of qualification.
Lol I meant our men's team as Xavier, we were garbage throughout qualification. There's a lot to be desired. Our keepers looked washed up, our back line is porous, other than Pulisic, nobody has looked even remotely impressive. It's sad Dempsey won't get to play in his last World Cup, but quite honestly, we have some good young talent abroad, and we need to start integrating them ASAP instead of just relying on old horses. Klinsmann was working on developing talent, we were playing the game a lot prettier, and I respect what Arenas has done in the past, but good lord, he's outdated. There has to be someone better that can lead this program. Like I said, there's no reason a country with our resources even if soccer is the 5th, 6th most popular sport, shouldn't qualify against the teams we faced. Shocking.