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    Sophomore Mel Cooley XU'81's Avatar
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    Any horse racing?

    TVG1 or TVG2?

    Good racing luck!

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    Sorry Mel, no horse racing. I listed all of the sports channels YouTubeTV offers in their current package.

    Tournament time I recommend Vue just for that month, as it carries FS1 for the Big East tournament, as well as the others on ESPN and CBS Sports. Turner Sports will have the NCAA rounds up through to the sweet sixteen, I believe.

    The elite eight on up is on CBS, no?

    I've tried both Sling and Vue and decided to keep neither. Outside of watching basketball and tennis, I watch all TV now without commercials. These cable networks drive me crazy, especially after all ads airing during March Madness and NBA playoffs. I'm wiped out for the whole year.

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