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I think Republicans should put their own Dream Act together. It should include funding for the border wall and immigration enforcement.

Also, if the kids shouldn't be liable for the crime of their parents, that doesn't excuse the crime of their parents.

Father Graham spoke of some Xavier students and their ability to improve their lives and strengthen our society. I agree with that, especially strengthening our society. I would look at Dreamers on a case by case basis, and see if they are strengthening our society. Are Dreamers that are adults paying taxes? Are they receiving government benefits? Have they spent some time in jail? It should be relatively easy to get a lot of hard data.

I would also be interested in the opportunity cost of having dreamers attend Xavier. Are they on scholarship? Are they paying their own way? It seems to me that it is doubtful they are all paying their own way. Xavier is a private university, and they can do as they please. But every scholarship extended is one that can't go to a poor African American family. If I were to choose, I would be on the side of Americans, especially African Americans. I feel society has more debt to families of former slaves than someone who just arrived illegally. It is a problem that needs to be sorted out quickly, with the looming death of Affirmative Action. When 85% of immigrants qualify for special treatment we are harming a system that was designed to help Blacks and American Indians. It is sad to see it going away for people that don't have the same standing.

Many of these "Dreamer" people are in their 30s. We should be able to get a pretty good picture of their contributions to our society. I think we can all agree that successful people that are paying taxes should be allowed to stay. You don't want to take away productive people who are strengthening our society by working and contributing more in taxes than they take from the public trough.

Likewise, if immigrants are here to access welfare benefits, we need to show them the door. Obama allowed dreamers to get EIC credits, and file retroactively. Some of those families got checks in excess of $15,000 from the American taxpayer. Our immigration system was never intended to take in people who are public charges. They strain the social safety nets of working class Americans, especially working class Black Americans. For a nation that is 20 trillion in debt, the last thing we need is to be letting in third world immigrants to access our welfare system. That isn't coming for the American dream, unless they view the American dream as being on Welfare.

Likewise, we can check the criminal backgrounds and voting records of all of these people before we let them in. Obviously they shouldn't have a voting record, and that would be a bad strike.

Just granting amnesty to a whole class of people is a bad idea. I think the deserving cases should be able to be heard, and I am compassionate for them. I would like to keep the productive cream of the crop and give them the American dream. We are under no obligation to let people stay who have already become public charges.

I think this is a reasonable accommodation, and it is time to come together and get this done in a sensible way.
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That is a sensible request. Those parents put us in a difficult situation, and unlike the children, they knew full well what they were doing. They shouldn't be rewarded.

Now I would still be inclined to make some exceptions to the rule. Say the guy owns a business and employs 10 people, pays taxes and has no criminal history. If he is a tax payer instead of a tax taker, and he has created all those jobs, well I say money talks and bullshit walks, Welcome to America!

Take the cream and send the rest back to there home countries. They aren't our problem. Taking them in will only cut and dilute resources from our poor Black communities, among others. I would rather have those resources dedicated to African Americans. It seems most White people seem to choose Hispanics over Blacks, and I don't get that.
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We also need for Trump to put in an Executive Order against Birthright Citizenship. What a scam that is. The birth tourism industry openly advertises. Make an Executive order against it and make that order retroactive. The rest of the world doesn't do it, and we shouldn't either. End it don't mend it!
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Picking a date looks to be a problem too.

The Dream Act was never passed, picking the date may have been a big part of that. It was first proposed in 2001, and it protected people that have been here before 1996. I don't think we will be staying at 1996.

Obama did DACA in June of 2012. He went back 5 years to 2007. If you came in 2008 you were not eligible. But if you came here with your 16 year old child the day after Obama did DACA in 2012 you would now be passed the five years and your 21 year old adult child would be eligible. He would be a "Dreamer", and you "can't make his dreams illegal".

Even if they were caught for being illegal and skipped the court date, that adult child would be an eligible "Dreamer". Even if they were ordered to be deported in a court of law, as long as you skipped out and stayed in the US, the 21 year old "Dreamer" would now be eligible.

So even if we catch you, you can get court dates and blow them off, and after awhile you can say "Hey, I have been here five years!" Obviously some people are reasonably skeptical of the whole process, and how it incentivizes people to break the law.

Some of these people invariably live in public housing, like Obama's "Aunti Zeituni". Untold thousands of illegal immigrants live in public housing. She went to court and was ordered to leave. Six years later they found her in public housing. Somewhere there is one or more American families that didn't get housing because of her. I think that Americans waiting on the lists for public housing are getting the shaft, and many of them are African Americans.

What originally was a date of 1996 is going to be when? What date do you draw the line at? What if we caught them and ordered them all deported already but they ignored the law? Will people that came after Obama's 2007 be allowed to stay? Will people that came even after Obama made the policy in 2012 be allowed to stay? Will people that come tomorrow be allowed to stay? And will our new "compromise" encourage more people to arrive the next day?

Pick a date! Somebody will hate you and call you a racist for doing it.
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