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    Quote Originally Posted by sweet6teen View Post
    The big ass and the not too friendly comments I can confirm. Used to play lunchtime basketball with the Big O quite regularly many, many years ago at the Central Parkway Y. His signature move was he would back you half way down the lane with his big ass and then shoot this little turnaround jumper (which he made 9 out of 10 times). These were lunchtime pickup games with business professionals. His team would typically consist of himself, two brand managers, an ad executive and a CPA. He would routinely yell at his teammates like it was the NBA finals.
    To be fair to him, one of the best basketball players ever is probably going to want to win every basketball game he plays.

    Cool graduation story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xudash View Post
    Class move on your part.

    You have to wonder what he thinks about the state of college hoops in the Queen City at this point. His Bearcats were dominant for so long, then we got our act together, and, in a rather extraordinary flip of circumstances, took UC's place in a major basketball conference with them being relegated to second-class status, all because of football aspirations.

    So, not having your Muskie daughter pound on him with crossed arms and a "Go X!" while he's lunging into an expensive filet was the elegant thing to do. He already experiences enough indigestion over Xavier.
    In Cronin's first couple of years, Oscar would get pissed off and yell at him from his courtside seat. If I remember correctly, at one point he yelled at Mick to shut up when he was trying to give the team instructions.

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