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Thread: We meet again

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    We meet again

    It's been a few years but here we are yet again playing in the Sweet 16. Looking forward to a great game!

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    We are certainly looking forward to a different result this time!

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    Good luck Thursday guys. Here's to a good and injury free game.

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    I'm with you on injury free...but I'd be happy taking your luck for us and leaving you guys with none.

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    Who's coaching Arizona these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoMuskies View Post
    Who's coaching Arizona these days?
    Who's driving the Lexus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xuwin View Post
    Who's driving the Lexus?
    Kevin parrom
    Dayton isn't that bad of a place if you haven't been anywhere else.

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    The Xavier coaching tree has not been fruitful to the understudy thus far...

    - Miller lost to Matta as head coach of Xavier in 2007 and Arizona in 2013
    - Mack lost to Miller in 2015

    Here's to hoping that'll change!
    Smile Xavier fans... These ARE the glory days!

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    Sucks we run into each other again. Crazy as it sounds, I've been a huge Sean Miller fan since he left. The way the players of the past talk about him, it's hard not to like the guy...

    Arizona is down at #18 in KenPom for whatever reason, assuming because of the bottom feeders in the Pac-12. #17 in offensive efficiency and #24 in defensive efficiency. They're pretty good at almost everything they do, but not great in any one area. 15th in the nation in 3P% and score the 34th most points from the free throw line.

    I did notice they're 244th in the nation in defensive turnovers, which is nice because we've had turnover problems all season. They are also 321 out of 351 in experience. While Markkanen (frosh), Trier (soph), Alkins (frosh), Simmons (frosh) are all studs, the only upper classmen that play more than 50% of the minutes are Kadeem Allen (sr.), Dusan Ristic (jr.) and Parker Jackson-Cartwright (jr.). Seems like one of the few areas we may have an edge with Bluiett, JP and Malcolm all being older guys.

    Who guards Markkanen? He's a huge problem if you've watched Arizona at all this year. Going to be a lottery pick, gets lots of comps to Porzingis, etc. He's 7 foot and shoots 43% from 3... Body him up with Tyrique? The game plan vs. FSU was simple - zone them up and make them beat us with the 3. While I'm sure we mix in a lot of zone vs. Arizona, there's a hell of a lot better chance that they beat us with the 3.

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    Lord I hope we beat U of AZ this time, not just because of the way Miller left us to go to a God forsaken place like Tucson, but also because of their insufferable fans. Having lived in Phoenix for 25+ years, I am imminently qualified to state that U of AZ has the most annoying, elitist, and lowlife fans (especially for basketball) west of the Mississippi.

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