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    Stream info for Providence game

    If anyone has stream info for Providence game, please post here ... thanks
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    Fox Sports Go gives you content consonant with your cable package, so it won't help if you are in an area whose Fox regional affiliate does not cover the game. (Not a problem if FS1 is covering the game, or FS2 if that is in your package, but that is not the case for the Providence game.) I wonder whether it will work real time in places where the Fox regional affiliate does cover the game but only on a delayed basis. That is the situation in CT where YES will broadcast at 11:00 p.m. (grrr ..).
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    Posted a stream in the game thread which hopefully will work.

    I'm not sure if Fox Sports Go will have live streaming for those whose FSN affiliate is only showing it tape-delayed, but worth checking out if you can.
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