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    Trump: "Well, again John, there has been no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians or Trump and Russians. No collusion.
    Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort shared polling data with the Russians.

    I didn't know anything about that.
    Do you suppose this is like not knowing about the Stormy Danial's payment?
    ...he went up late, and I was already up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulxu View Post
    Nigel, did you get a piece of this?
    Ha. Hilarious. And depressing. We live in strange times.

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    Don’t think Trump is going to be the Gillette’s spokesperson anytime soon.

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    Having a fast food banquet for Clemson's football team is pretty freakin' awesome! I like him a little more than I did a couple days ago!
    "You can't fix stupid." Ron White

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    Also interesting is Nancy Pelosi telling Donald Trump not to bother doing his State of the Union speech in Congress while the shutdown goes on. Or he can just send it in writing like every other President did prior to Woodrow Wilson in the early 20th century.

    Democrats and liberals are going to be high-fiving each other until Trump figures out another venue or medium for such an address.

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    So did the Pubs in the Senate even hold discussions about the pharmaceutical bill passed by the House? Would Trump have signed it if they did vote on it? I believe it was a campaign promise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArizonaXUGrad View Post
    So did the Pubs in the Senate even hold discussions about the pharmaceutical bill passed by the House? Would Trump have signed it if they did vote on it?

    The very Powerful Drug lobbyists are trying to drag it down. Honestly, it is a totally ridiculous situation that pharm companies in the U.S. can charge 43% more for the same exact drug that comes from overseas or Canada. This has been going on for like 50 YEARS! I used to buy my HBP drugs from Canada before I got Medicare. They arrived in the same bottle from the same pharm company I had in the US. They were manufactured in the same plant in GERMANY! The US drug was 102% more expensive. Absurd. Sometimes the shipment was "inderdicted" by the US DEA and I got a letter saying they were holding my drugs. No problem. The Canadian company would just resend my order at no charge.

    We need to stop this madness. Allow the US to negogiate like every other country and even the Veteran's admin. does for drug prices. BTW. there were price increases announced on 300 drugs in the US already this year.
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