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Thread: Politics Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulxu View Post
    One of these things is correct. One is not.
    No matter how you try to excuse it.
    Yes. The top one is.
    "I Got CHAMPIONS in that Lockerroom!" -Stanley Burrell

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    Well OK then. Grisham must not have been a successor press secretary, despite the title, who was out there every she was never out there.
    Not even once.

    I got it. Fake press fake news.
    ...he went up late, and I was already up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by X-band '01 View Post
    Tuesday is going to be an indicator of just how vengeful a person Donald Trump will be in the upcoming general election. Brian Kemp is expected to cruise to the Republican nomination for governor (as will Democrat Stacey Abrams), but we'll also see whether or not Secretary of State Brad Raffensparger is going to win the Republican nomination again. Trump has put the blame solely on them for his losses in Georgia in the presidential (and later Senate) races.

    And that's not even counting congressional primaries. We'll see if Greene gets to run for another term.
    Kemp should win in a landslide. "Big Lie' tRump voters say they won't vote in Nov. which would give the race to Abrams:
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