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    Quote Originally Posted by paulxu View Post
    I see Kroger is building a big, downtown supermarket soon.

    Will it be on the streetcar line?

    Is it going in that parking lot everyone was talking about a few months ago?
    It will be on the streetcar line. I'm not sure which parking lot you're referring to but it's in a different locale than where the Josephs are knocking down the old abandoned hotel. 3CDC is also proposing building at the site, with a lot of money from the city, a parking garage and residential. 18 story building.

    This is a big deal for downtown Cincinnati.
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    One year in and the stupid thing's cost are already exceeding all of these idiots' estimates

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    Streetcar milestone set for Friday

    Quote Originally Posted by Juice View Post
    One year in and the stupid thing's cost are already exceeding all of these idiots' estimates
    Does this really surprise anyone?

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    Latest news on this boondoggle--it's been shut down during COVID but now the talk is it may never reopen unless the feds give it money. How much is anyone's guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xubrew View Post
    As the streetcar continues to develop, Xavier's basketball program continues to improve.
    The streetcar may be shut down for good, and Xavier basketball has been kind of sucking wind. Fuck you streetcar!

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