I'm looking to hire a CTO of sorts for a small company of around 20 people.

We are a strong sales organization with only 4-6 non sales roles.

We need someone who can do a little programming when necessary, but mainly someone who just gets technology - everything from:
- understanding and building semi advanced reports from disparate systems
- customizing the sales CRM
- managing email server (Google), calendars and Google Drive
- creating and managing landing page websites used for lead generation
- ensuring the the local network and internet are working (job #1 is keeping our cloud-based sales tool online, as the sales people are on calls every hour of the day)
- fixing mundane things like printers or Outlook, etc

There is also an opportunity to build cool things like customized portals for reporting, accounting and document sharing. (Using whatever technologies you're good with, like PHP/.NET and mySQL/SQLServer).

If you have any POS experience, that is a bonus as well - but really just having a technical aptitude to comprehend, diagnose and fix things will be the best tools in tackling the many responsibilities this job entails.

It's a very entrepreneurial environment, some bright people who know how to get things done. It's also flexible and has some perks.

This is an ever-expanding roll as the company is growing. This is something that could realistically grow into a very legitimate CTO and CIO role because of the expansion of a part of the business which is set to go national in 2014.

If this opportunity is something you're qualified for and interested in, please PM me and tell me about your background (And attach resume if you can)