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As I’ve stated elsewhere, the terrible “modeling” that has been evident through this quote “pandemic” has undermined “science” modeling on everything else too.
So far, all the supposed infallible models about global warming that were predicting calamity from 1995 to 2020 have been proven wrong. False. Nil, null and void. Now this disease severity projection has been proven abjectly wrong too.
I’m glad I started this thread. No one has proved me wrong yet. Thank Gawd we didn’t waste billions of dollars on BullSheet. Can’t wait until the Chinese live up to their “commitments” under the Paris Accords. (Hint: They never will)
That is manifestly false. The IPCC reports continue to offer nuanced guidance, providing both forecast and forecast range because, as they readily admit, it is an inexact science with limited data to draw from. But certainly the pattern of weather events, global temperature changes, ocean temperature change, and sea ice melt seems consistent with what the IPCC reports have been saying for the last 20+ years.