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Thread: Music Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strange Brew View Post
    Not bad. For some reason I think of the Gibb brothers without the Disco.
    For sure. This one has a total Bee Gees vibe.

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    Stuff I'm into right now.

    Deeper - Great Chicago band that should be getting more attention
    Cafe Racer - solid psych sound. I can't get enough of their record
    Diagonal - another great psych band
    Bill Stone - 70s Laurel Canyon that is amazing
    Rookie - Great 70s classic rock sound
    Superwolves - Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney at their best
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    Houndmouth announced that their 4th album will be released 11/5/21.
    Already have it preordered.
    If you didn’t know, the drummer is the brother of a Xavier Grad. And sometimes wears Xavier gear on stage.
    They. Are. Great.
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    PSA: New Killers Album Aug 13th.
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