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Thread: Music Thread

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    Music Thread

    We (I) need something different than what's been the current discussion on the board. I like to hear others music, sample it, and maybe save it if I like it. If you post it, I will listen to it, or at least some of it.

    I'm probably going to bore you to death with old soft shit, so hopefully some of you that are into newer stuff will join in. Or some people are into classical. If that's your thing, post it up, whatever.

    A few rules in an ideal world:

    1. Post your vid rather than link it. It's really really easy to do - please learn how.
    2. If quoting someone, please try to quote their words and not their video.
    3. One video per post. The new software may already control this, but this reduces the amount of data on page loads.
    4. One post per day.

    I'll start it with something for our esteemed member Lamont Sanford.

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    I'm in the thrall of a fairly good earworm this summer: Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines. Usually the 'song of the summer' is pretty bad but this one harkens back to Marvin Gaye's Got to Give it Up. And for those fans of NSFW, dig up the uncensored video.

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    I just picked up Robert Randolph and the Family Band's Lickety Split. A much better effort than their previous couple of albums. They've opened for Dave Matthews a few times and I really the new album so far.
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    Hot Chip

    Too lazy at the moment to provide links or other access points. Will get to it eventually. Maybe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vee4xu View Post
    Jeff the Brotherhood
    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes x1000. Love them. The best shows I have seen over the last year are their shows.

    Hell, you could list every "punk" Nashville band as good music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blobfan View Post
    And for those fans of NSFW, dig up the uncensored video.
    Yes, this is worth the effort. The song is pretty catchy, the girls in the video are smokin hot. Especially the red head.
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