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    St. John's Awaiting Eligibility Rulings


    St. John’s season opener against Mercer is just two weeks away and the Red Storm finds itself in a bit of limbo.The Red Storm is awaiting NCAA rulings on a pair of waiver requests that would clear two key players – 6-3 point guard Rasheem Dunn and 6-9 forward Ian Steere – to begin play when the season starts on Nov. 6. Each could be an impact player in his own right and both would likely crack the starting lineup.

    I don't understand why there isn't some sort of cut-off for the NCAA to make these decisions well before the season starts.
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    I don't know which organization is more loathsome and inept, the NFL or the NCAA (or the NBA after the way they crapped themselves kissing the Chicom's asses)
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    Any idea what the Johnnies' argument is as to why they should be eligible right away?

    If it's "well, they had to sit out last year at their previous schools," then they probably won't get it. The rule isn't that you have to sit out. It's that you have to complete an academic year in residency at your new school. So, the fact that they didn't play last year is irrelevant. So, the Johnnies better be arguing something else.
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