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    Yes, I wish we would have done that more often.

    - David Bowers ('95)

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    There are so many I'll limit it to just against A-10 opponents.

    Wiping out St. Joe's undefeated season. Watching Chalmers put on a clinic agains Jameer Nelson and being in the X section just too awestruck to do anything but laugh like a little girl. Then coming back up to UD to watch X finish off the flyers.

    West's 47 against UD.

    Posey's dunk with the lights out at the Gardens. I didn't actually see the dunk, but saw Posey hanging from the rim when the lights came back on.

    Beating St. Joe's at the Coliseum to win the A-10. Being in whatever the bar was next to the Coliseum when the team came in to a standing ovation. Seeing Keith Jackson at the bar as well. I knew it was Keith Jackson because he was wearing Keith Jackson's Xavier jersey.

    Keith Jackson's block of a Brooks Hall lay-up at Cintas. The most incredible block I've ever seen in person. After that block, Brooks Hall - the softest player in UD history - basically disappeared.

    Taking UMass to OT at the Gardens.

    Frey taking an elbow from the thug from Duquesne (Ogunlesi?) then coming back into the game after going to the locker room.

    West's buzzer beater against GW.

    Burrell's buzzer beater against GW.

    Redford's pull up 3 from just past the "X" at mid-court against UD.
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    In person - has to be #1 UMASS at the gardens. Electric beyond belief.

    Not there - taking down undefeated hawks - total dismantling!
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    In person was easily killing #1 St. Joe’s- specifically looking up after a timeout with about eight minutes left and seeing the score as 74-37. The 20-point final margin did not give that beating justice.
    (Also, beating St.Bonnie’s was pretty much a guarantee- this was the year after the cheating scandal when they forfeited their last game and nearly got booted out of the league. They were supposed to be ineligible for the A-10 tournament, but had completely cleared house and the league rewarded them by letting them play in the tournament).

    On TV it was David West’s 47 against Dayton. I remember watching that thinking we were playing like crap… except West. He had something like all our first 16 points. I’ve never seen any one player completely dominate an entire game like that.

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    Best memories during A10 years?

    Simple. Beating our real rival twice when they were #1 in the country.

    Nothing else even comes close. Thank you Muskies.
    ...he went up late, and I was already up there.

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