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    LASALLE beats VCU


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    I think La Salle is going dancin'

    I thought that before the year started, but then changed my mind after being underwhelmed with how they played early on.

    They are so much better now than they were a week ago. Wow. They really looked good. At one point at the end of the first half, and the beginning of the second half, VCU went on a 19-1 run. La Salle came out of the timeout, regrouped, and got the lead back. They led the rest of the way.

    Great win for La Salle.
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    seems the loss to XU was one big wake-up call for the Explorers; Dr. John is not such a dolt to let that game not serve as a reminder to his team of what it takes to win against better teams; VCU style is constant on the ball pressure which does not match LaSalle's spread the floor/dribble drive/multi-guard schemes
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    La Salle has the talent to go to the NCAAs, but do they have the consistency?

    At the very least, the stars are aligned for them to win the Big 5 for the first time since Lionel Simmons.

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