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    One of my favorite guys. Brandon Cole has such soft hands. I hope the D-Bag rec league guy who injured him realizes what a silly thing that was. Glad he got in as many years as he did and glad Sean Miller gave him a chance. Best of luck!

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    Mark Lyons Israeli team won their first ever championship this past weekend. Chris Wright is also on Mark's team and they beat Josh Duncan's team in the finals.

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    American big man Kenny Frease has signed a deal with Science City Jena, the team announced. Last season Frease also played in Germany with Braunschweig.
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    Good luck to my X Fam tonight in the opener! #XavierNation
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    Republic of Slovenia

    Caught that Dee Davis sent a good luck tweet from the Republic of Slovenia.

    Fun Fact: Dee Davis is the tallest person in the Republic of Slovenia.
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    Mark Lyons hustling on defense last night. Pretty sweet block.

    Finished with 25 pts and 5 asts in a loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UCGRAD4X View Post
    There used to be information about past teams, players, rosters etc.

    The "X" Collection says it has links to historical information but I don't see it here.

    Where do I find this kind of information?
    It's all on Wikipedia if you dig a bit.'s_basketball#Chris_Mack_era

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juice View Post
    He looks motivated to play. No idea what the skill level is of the Italian League. Never doubted his skill. Just his motivation at times.

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    I don't know if this was posted yet but Cincinnati Magazine did a nice interview with Doellman

    The most interesting part is that he's now on the Kosovo national team.

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    What do you think makes Xavier such a consistent program? They get guys who kind of carry a chip on their shoulder, that have some things to prove. Guys that fly under the radar, [who] are hard-nosed and want to play and want to win.
    = sneaking up on them.
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