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    Unfortunately, not at Cintas!
    I'm in radio sales, plus have a gig as host of a radio show now. (But I've been looking to get into Med/Pharm sales if you have any contacts! Jumpy's helped on this front too...thanks, man.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoMuskies View Post
    My image in impeccable.

    My job is to keep really rich guys really rich (and hopefully assist in making them even richer).
    Can you make me rich enough to just quit and allow me to be only a full-time Xavier Basketball groupie rather than just part-time?
    "I Got CHAMPIONS in that Lockerroom!" -Stanley Burrell

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    Unfortuntely, I'm not making anyone rich. Just trying to help them out while they're making themselves rich(er). And hoping they'll shares some of the wealth!

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