How To Become A Member Of The Cartel

  1. Snipe
    This is a full list of the requirements needed to gain admitance to The Cartel, as well as our monthly newsletter:

    Anyone who gives a negative rep to DAllen15 gets instant access to The Cartel.

    You also are not allowed to be on DAllen15's friends list, like Nuts, Waggy or Xeus.

    Waggy and Xeus are thus not allowed into the Cartel unless they defriend DAllen15 and then neg rep him.

    Cartel membership also gives you posting ability on this board and access to our monthly newsletter.

    After giving DAllen15 a negative rep, email me and I will grant you access to my kingdom, where man and beast live as one.
  2. Snipe
    DAllen15 is up to three negative squares (link).

    There is only one poster in the entire ranking that is less popular.

    I can't wait until he gets the title! WOO HOO!
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