The Cartel

  1. Snipe
    I am like a God in here. Nobody can challenge the mighty Snipe man.
  2. Masterofreality
    Hey, God. Can I join?

    You know me. I'm always looking for ways to stick it to the "man" and the military industrial complex.
    Power to the correct people!!!!
  3. Snipe
    I am trying to figure out how you got in here! But you can join once you take the pledge. I don't think I can post the pledge here because it is a sacred vow not to be shared with the public at large.

    The Cartel will have an agenda and a code of conduct.
  4. Snipe
    This is an invite only group. For this to be a viable secret society I need privacy. The board has to be kept away from the general public. The # of members and their identities are also on display. It would be nice if something could be done about that. Some members may want plausable deniability to distance themselves from black ops.
  5. Masterofreality
    I got in here because I'm me. Isn't that enough?

    Do you know who the hell I am?!! I have my ways.
  6. Snipe
    If you can get in here any riff raff can get in here. What is the point of an invitation only group when some old boozer like you can intrude at a moment's notice. I feel like I have been violated.

    I think the powers that be are afraid that I would plot a coup. So they keep this board open and watch it closely.
  7. Stonebreaker
    Hey. I have friends in low places.
  8. waggy
    The Cartel has been the work of one man all this while? That is impressive, and also a little scary.
  9. Snipe
    I planned to add others to the group Waggy but the current permissions allow anyone to view the discussion. How can I plan violent insurrection and civil disobedience when any of the common scum can come and find out our super secret mission?
  10. Snipe
    Anyone who gives a negative rep to DAllen15 Garvin gets instant access to The Cartel.

    You also are not allowed to be on DAllen15's friends list, like Nuts, Waggy or Xeus.

    Nuts, Waggy or Xeus are thus not allowed into the Cartel unless they defriend DAllen15 and then neg rep him.

    Cartel membership also gives you posting ability on this board and access to our monthly newsletter.

    After giving DAllen15 a negative rep, email me and I will grant you access to my kingdom, where man and beast live as one.
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