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  1. Love to catch up w/ you again. You still w/ the same company or did a career change predicate this move? Daughter (Kaitlin) is officially at X now. Brockman. Classes going well (so far) and she's avoided "the swine" (H1N1). Have told her no drinking during the week and definitely to avoid the rugby house ;)
    You pull the trigger on season tix yet?
  2. Tim,

    I am going to be working downtown again starting September 28th. East 7th street above the Lodge Bar, about 2 blocks North of Fountain Square.

    Let's do lunch sometime in October. I'm buying.

    Say 'Hi' to the rest of the team for me.

  3. Still trucking along. Losses are stabilizing and hopefully will be going down soon. We had a 5% temporary pay reduction start a couple of months ago which will probably be in effect until the end of the year. Since we've "passed" the stress test we expect to turn the corner. The latest change is we are limiting discounts on invoices which is causing the dealers to white out the discounts. We are busting their a$$es on that and charging them a fee of $600 for the first infraction and inactivating them if it happens again. We're keeping busy though, application volume is about 20% higher than last year, but fundings are down.
    Are you getting season tickets next year?
    Kaitlin (my eldest) WILL be a Musketeer next year! She has enrolled and will be starting the nursing program.
  4. Right back at you! Things are well here. I hope things are going well at the bank.

    Is everyone in the department still there?
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