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  1. MOR, I will never understand the liberal mind. I trust that is a good thing.

    We're not naive; we know this is about power. But once upon a time, politicians understood that they had to perform for the good of the country to a reasonable degree to even have a shot at obtaining power. They used to get along within that dynamic. Not now. Not with a looney toons left wanting to redefine the country.

    We will be able to enjoy watching Trump win in November and continuing his agenda for the country. We'll be able to juxtapose that against the Far Left's continuing efforts to take him down while doing nothing for their constituents.

    If all this breaks the right way, the next six years may save this country yet.

    In the meantime, go X!
  2. Hey, Dash.

    The last I heard was that the recovery was progressing well. I've sent an e-mail to him and his wife, however, to get an update. I'm sure I'll get a response soon. I'll post something when I get something more definitive.

    Thanks for thinking of him.
  3. MOR, Do you have any updates on Mark Trausch? I've been thinking about him off and on and thought it might be time to see if anyone knows how he is coming along. Thanks in advance if you do - xudash
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