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  1. Hello Dave,

    Hello Dave,

    The last two e-mails that I sent to you were returned to me as undeliverable. I am using the same address that I had been, so am not sure what to make of it. In case you didn't get the message, we are meeting at a cocktail party in the Cintas Center, instead of Gallagher on Friday night before the game. Mary Ann told me that there is free food and booze there, so it didn't make sense for us to meet elsewhere. Free booze and food were enough for me to say okay. The cocktail party goes from 5-7 p.m. and we go directly into the game from there. I asked Mary Ann to send this info a class e-mail and post on the Xavier website, along with a note that some (if not all) of us will be heading to Dana's after the game. Hope all is well.

    Matt V.
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