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  1. Nah, Q. That is a Bear hanging his head after getting embarrassed and trounced by our beloved Musketeers. Nothing against the greatest Bear alive, but I had to find one that had been defeated. That is certainly not you.
  2. Ok, O exalted leader and Brother LHS cherub. WTF is the avatar of the Bear that looks like he's playing with his dick? Damn! Damn, I'm still not peeing correctly, and I look at the avatar of my admired one and see one of my family playing with himself??? Now I'm fully aware our beloved Muskies are playing the Baylor Bears, the black sheep of our clan, but damn! A jacking off bruin? My God, man. Have you no shame? At least find one of us that's eating berries or awash in a salmon loaded stream, but that pose4. Yuch!!!
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