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  1. Hey, you can brag to your NegRep buddies you busted my NegRep cherry. I didnt even know where to find my rep until a few months ago. It still blows my mind that grown men engage is this sort of trivia. I'd say de gustibus but you'd neg rep me again, so how about "there is no accounting for taste -- nor any need to"?

    Cordially, LHS #29, The Bard
  2. If I had known it would bother you this much, I would have started negging you sooner!
  3. "Ooh, Latin burn. Everything's cooler in Latin!"

    No, you're right, everything's cooler in junior high when you neg rep. Really, you get off on neg reps? What a full life you have. Envy.
  4. Ooh, Latin burn. Everything's cooler in Latin!
  5. Thanks for neg repping me for thinking the neg rep move is so childish. QED.
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