View Full Version : Alumni Event: The Future of X Tour

03-09-2008, 02:45 PM
I wasn't sure I should post this, but given Fr. Graham's comments during the halftime show last night, I thought, "why not?"

I received an email from the alumni department advertising "The Future of X Tour"

Here is the website about the event: www.futureofxtour.com

Highlights per the email

Xavier University invites you to see the Future of X by attending one of five special evening events. You'll have the opportunity to:

* Look inside Xavier Square, a development mixing retail, office space, a hotel and a recreation center.
* Step into the state-of-the-art Learning Commons prototype.
* Explore the exciting plans for the new Williams College of Business building.

Dates are: 3/11,4/2,4/30,5/14,6/11

I hesitated to post this because in order to register for the tour, you have to enter what they call a "Banner ID" which is either printed on postcards sent out advertising the event, or is in the body of the emails sent out about the event. Therefore, I don't know if this is an invitation only event.