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Nice to hear about Kels.


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That's a very good article. Real answers from real players.

04-16-2010, 01:23 PM
That's a very good article. Real answers from real players.

I agree. I must be very surreal to be a highly recruited basketball player. Everyone wants to talk to you, everyone thinks they know what will be best for you. You probably get calls all night from coaches. There are at least 3 websites (rivals, scout, espn) that diagram your every strength and weakness and rank you against your peers. Not to mention fanbases that follow your tweets and post messages on your facebook advising you where to go.

Most of these kids probably just want to be normal kids, go to the movies play video games etc.

04-16-2010, 03:29 PM
Not anywhere near the extent of these guys, but we went through it with my volleyball daughter (who later decided to be a student only at XU) and one step away, my nephews -one from Ignatius who went to Marist and one from St. Eds who is playing DII to play). You get a LOT of attention at AAU tournaments, phone and texts (pre-Kelvin Sampson) and a ton of mail from places you barely ever heard of and you wonder where they saw your kid.

It's almost intoxicating, but level heads must prevail. I really have a lot of respect for my daughter who chose XU as the place she really wanted to go to -to be a real student- as opposed to going somewhere else like Niagara that was secondary just because of volleyball. (Although that athletic scholly would have been very nice financially.)