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  1. Gambling
  2. ud is awful
  3. The House of Smack Rules
  4. Nancy Zimpher
  5. tOSU......Not so much
  6. Linda Bruno
  7. Notre Dame > Xavier
  8. "You Can't Win Here"
  9. Moved the forum...
  10. ud vs. x
  11. Colonials Is The Stupidest Name In College Basketball
  12. A10 Gambling Lines of Interest 1/19/2008
  13. Reap The Whirlwind
  14. 1981
  15. xu is going down this thursday
  16. I HATE dayton
  17. Jimmy Carter and Dayton
  18. Watermelon...
  19. dayton finally won at X...
  20. No wins at X since Carter
  21. Has XU ever been to the NCAA Championship game?
  22. Pablo responds to Watermelongate haters
  23. Reminder - 12 of 15
  24. "1981!" Chant ala the New York Rangers
  25. Anybody know the trivia maker at the Cintas Center?
  26. Profiles In Courage: Sammy Smith
  27. Dayton - Did You Know?
  28. Refs Stole Game
  29. UMass Premature Ejaculators
  30. The Jimmy Binnie Test
  31. Moved--Oh God, dayton
  32. SEC Conference Call
  33. Chuggins new suit
  34. Remnants of Huggy Bear at KSU
  35. What the F is a Billiken?
  36. New Name for uD's fan site?
  37. A goal..
  38. Sorry I Couldn't Resist (saying that dayton sucks---Thor addition)
  39. Why 49ers?
  40. Roger Clemens weighs in on Dayton
  41. One talented dessert
  42. EPA going after the Urine Dump
  43. From Jimmy Carter to Jim Phelan
  44. More reasons to hate Dayton
  45. You have to see this!
  46. UD hates our Seniors
  47. Gifs? Animated Avatars? (NSFW)
  48. Binnies got a great futue after graduation...
  49. 14 of 17
  50. UDPride - Stanley Burrell = SUPER LAME
  51. Official UD 2007-8 Season DVD Cover ...
  52. Caption This
  53. XU and UD the facts
  54. Caption this Part 2
  55. When UD does not make it to post season play...
  56. I'm surprised this was not reposted in 08
  57. Special for U.D. students
  58. caption this photo
  59. Video of dayton's suckage
  60. Rumpke/Dayton connection
  61. It's ON
  62. We Want Xavier!
  63. X Must Stomp the Melonhumpers
  64. Worst UD Player? Moved by PM Thor
  65. Worst UD player?
  66. Worst UD Player? Moved by PM Thor
  67. Thank You Dayton Seniors
  68. To replace the "Beat Xavier" t-shirts.
  69. UDPride -- Oxymoron???
  70. Go dayton cryers, go, go, go!
  71. Four hundred pounds of butter.
  72. The Fall: The story of the 2007-2008 UD Cryers
  73. Xavier Owns Dayton 1985-Today
  74. OH NO! Not Georgia too!
  75. Dustin Dow Is Stealing Money From The Enquirer
  76. To All The "WVU" (Thuggins) Fans:
  77. Can we please get rid of UD
  78. LA Times says...UCLA has bye to Final Four!
  79. Better Beard
  80. UCLA 75, Xavier 63
  81. (Some) UC fans crack me up
  82. Pep talk.
  83. UDPride is Awesome
  84. John Groce
  85. PLEASE-Don't take your Kids to Cintas
  86. I don't like Baby Boomers Either
  87. I'm not the biggest fan of 17th century British revolutionary figures
  88. Abusing Jimmie Binnie
  89. My Better Is Better Than Your Better
  90. I don't like GUYFAWKES Thread
  91. I don't like FRENCH ONION SOUP Thread
  92. Serious Question - Wish I had Pablo's Advice
  93. Pet Peeves
  94. I'm a Great American (and son too)
  95. Not really smack
  96. Should I be denied Eucharist?
  97. Congrats Dayton!
  98. To be honest, I don't like Buddhism
  99. I Don't Like Derek Beasley
  100. So long Baby Boomers
  101. Political Correctness
  102. How I've increased my carbon footprint
  103. Chick-Fil-A doesn't like GuyFawkes.
  104. Get GuyFawkes a Date
  105. Am I a slut?
  106. Baby Boomer Party
  107. Is this jaw dropping or is just me?
  108. Yes
  109. User Names
  110. While XU Guys look to NBA, Udump's look at....
  111. Weatherman Rumble!
  112. Illinois vs XU
  113. Beasley vs Delkus
  114. Is Soccer a Feminine Sport?
  115. A Message from Dayton...
  116. Watermelon may one day have Viagra-like qualities
  117. Reliving Memories
  118. Wrigley Field/Paul Daugherty Suck
  119. I don't like atheist
  120. Be nice to Dayton week
  121. I don't like people with low cholesterol
  122. Carson goes off on Buckeyes
  123. My honest complaint against soccer
  124. God fight to the Immortal Death
  125. I don't like Public Libraries
  126. Sudden Death Fight to the Death
  127. Dayton is dying...
  128. Verbal Thrashing Fight to the Death
  129. I don't like Psycho-thrillers
  130. I Like* Campbell's Chunky New England Clam Chowder
  131. I Like Penguins
  132. Respect the BanHammer
  133. Ch ch ch chinese cheaters
  134. Disappointed in the Taste of Blue Ash
  135. PM Thor
  136. Michael McDonald sucks
  137. In honor of Pablo...
  138. "Dayton, OH Loser"
  139. Dickie V
  140. Racewalking
  141. Big and Rich sing for John and Cindy
  142. Chad Johnson is ridiculous
  143. Did you know?
  144. Mom and Son do not agree
  145. Miles
  146. Miami, LH's Grammar, name-calling, & milfs
  147. Where have you gone, GuyFawkes38?
  148. Please could you be
  149. A Bad Coaches' Coach
  150. K. St.'s Bill Walker pisses excellence
  151. LSU Scares Me
  152. I'm Rich, Bitches
  153. I love being me
  154. Ha ha Greg Oden!!!
  155. Propellerhead Returns!!!
  156. Jimmy Binnie Update
  157. A Celebration of GuyFawkes
  158. Dayton Commercial Sucks
  159. Smooth's avatar contest
  160. This boy is going to learn fast
  161. Greatest Quotes of All Time
  162. I Hate Toledo Thread
  163. For u dump hatas
  164. I HATE Mizzou
  165. Stanley Who?
  166. The NFL Sucks
  167. The Office and 30 Rock Both Suck
  168. One VERY upsetting thing from today's game.
  169. Is ESPN too dominant?
  170. Just had to post this quote on our win from our friends up North.
  171. The smack in the house of smack is more like a jr. high pillow fight.
  172. Way to stay Klassy ND
  173. Some humor from the UD Pride board
  174. Biggie McClain?
  175. Kahns Krazy sucks
  176. I hate turkey
  177. Snipe Cheers for UC AND Dayton
  178. This board's basketball IQ
  179. Oh Dayton....
  180. Len Elmore should stop talking, because he sounds like a fool
  181. When do we let Dayton know that they arn't that good?
  182. Corie Blount arrested for Mary Jane
  183. 9-0 looks good
  184. Hey GuyFawkes -- Facts won't hurt you!
  185. D. Brown vs Chris Wright...Who is Better?
  186. Xavier Is UC's Superbowl
  187. Dayton Week Avatars
  188. Snipe and Fred Garvin Are Quislings
  189. UDPride.com has crabs
  190. Semms like Yesterday...
  191. Yancy
  192. I Hate Uc!
  193. Yancy Gates
  194. It Never Gets Old
  195. Connor Barwin...
  196. Why Duke Sucks
  197. It's official, Dayton has passed us...again?
  198. Oh Dayton... The fun continues...
  199. Remember the Good Ole Days?
  200. Sign Ideas For The Game - CBS
  201. Billy vs. The Artist
  202. Caption Contest: Coach K
  203. Caption Contest: Singler
  204. Caption Contest: Paulus
  205. Duke Electricity
  206. The "I Hate Duke" Thread
  207. Will Huggins Try to Outdo Kennedy? Create a Headline
  208. Bashing Seth Davis Thread
  209. Duke Girls are....
  210. Caption Contest: Jon Scheyer
  211. For all Coach K Haters
  212. A new movie about u dump fans?
  213. Enquirer Butler Article/Blog
  214. Insignificant but...
  215. I hate Robert Morris
  216. Best Post of the Year
  217. Frauderism - How Not To Do
  218. Great game for Frease/ Bad day Mhettel
  219. That's So Gay
  220. I Hate St. Louis
  221. Halftime "entertainment" at ud arena for the Xavier game
  222. Tip the friggin' pizza guy!!!!!!
  223. Who did it?
  224. SLU Fans
  225. I hate Joe Buck and the NFL
  226. What We're Going to do to UD
  227. 16-0
  228. T-Shirt Trophy Case
  229. Is it time to drop Dayton?
  230. Fire Steve Wolf!
  231. Can I get that time back?
  232. This is basketball related damn it; please don't move it
  233. Thread for LSU bullshitters
  234. Xavier At Dayton
  235. Xavier has outgrown the A10
  236. The I Hate LSU Thread
  237. Fun Facts about LSU!
  238. CP3 sat behind the X bench
  239. Difference between XU and uc
  240. Caption Please!
  241. Obama Solves Another Problem
  242. I am back
  243. Fun Facts About Charlotte
  244. Random Anti-Matta Thought of the Day
  245. is this guy serious?
  246. My new signature
  247. From Charlotte's Campus Newspaper:
  248. Ud Pizza Ticket Special Returns For Thursday's Game Vs. Saint Louis
  249. Did the Dayton Short Bus crash in to the board?
  250. Limpness of Dayton Program Explained: "Watermelon Won't Replace Viagra Soon"